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Xtar MC6 battery charger

Xtar MC6 battery charger

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Xtar MC6 battery charger for six batteries

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349,00 kr

Xtar MC6 battery charger for six batteries

The XTAR MC6 Queen Ant Charger is the newest charger from XTAR. You can charge your cells at 0.5 or 1.0 amps with constant current. New features include current buffering technology to increase current gradually. The MC6 has a lot of features that carry over from the MC series of chargers providing intelligent, protective circuitry at a great price. You can count on XTAR for your battery charging needs with their industry-first cutting-edge technology.

The MC6 Queen Ant has advanced circuitry to allow you to charge both a Li-ion cell and a Ni-MH/Ni-CD cell at the same time, through independent battery ports. The CC/CV charging method for Li-ion batteries is used in this charger. To charge all six batteries, you will need to use two USB cords.

The XTAR MC6 Queen Ant can bring your battery back to life after death, with 0V Activation technology, an XTAR patented process. Includes one MC6 Queen Ant, and two USB cords. Charge batteries in ports from left to right. Imported.

XTAR MC6 Queen Ant Charger Features Include:

  • Keeps cells at low temperature during charge for longevity of life
  • Six slots charge four cells at 1 amp concurrently
    • two cells will charge at 0.5 amps if you want the remaining four cells charging at 1 amp
  • Utilizes two USB slots for a total of 4.4 amps input
  • Reverse polarity detection
  • Charges 6 batteries simultaneously
  • All slots are monitored & charged independently
  • Soft start technology to prolong battery life
  • Current buffering technology – charge is gradually increased to reduce high current impact
  • Constant current/voltage charging to keep batteries sustained & steady
  • Optimized for IMR batteries
  • Integrated LCD panel displays charging parameters/progress
  • Identifies bad batteries and notifies you
  • Intelligent circuitry
  • Auto-detect battery type/status/charge mode
  • Over-charge prevention protection
  • Trickle Charge/Constant Current/Constant Voltage mode
  • Auto-stops charging when complete at 4.2V
  • Temperature monitoring sensor
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Optimal heat dissipation built into design
  • Two USB charging cords included
    •  Wall charger sold separately

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